Penetration Testing

We safely simulate the latest threats and attacks to help you identify and understand your security vulnerabilities.

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Penetration tests or pentests are designed to uncover weaknesses in your IT systems that could be exploited and used against you.

Whilst a vulnerability scan uses automated tools to find potential exploits, a penetration test is carried out by a professional who can replicate the many different tactics, techniques and procedures (TTPs) used by hackers in the real-world.

By proactively finding and exploiting security vulnerabilities, we’ll help you manage and improve your security posture to keep attackers and intruders at bay.

In tune with your strategy

With threats continually evolving and growing in number, regular penetration testing is a key component of any business’s cyber security strategy.

It is also a periodic requirement for organisations that need to comply with standards such as PCI DSS and ISO 27001.

Our Penetration Testing Services

Air Sec’s team of highly-skilled penetration testers are experienced and fully certified by accreditation bodies such as OSCP, CREST and EC-Council. This means we can thoroughly test all aspects of your IT environment.

Using specialist threat intelligence and ethical hacking techniques, we’ll attempt to infiltrate your systems identifying any vulnerabilities that could cause your business to be compromised. We’ll help you prioritise and remediate risk in order of severity to strengthen your security and keep you one step ahead of cybercriminals.

Infrastructure Penetration Tests

Our Infrastructure Penetration Test provides a comprehensive assessment of your IT environment and its resilience to attack. By leveraging exploits inside and outside your organisation, we’ll demonstrate how an attacker might gain access and control of your network.

The test is split in to two main areas covering your external and internal network security as follows:

  • External network test

An external penetration test aims to mimic a hacker attempting to access your network by exploiting security issues and vulnerabilities in any systems, services and applications connected to the public internet.

We’ll assess and rigorously test all your internet-facing assets including firewalls, web and email servers and identify any issues that could lead to a breach of your external network perimeter.

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  • Internal network test

Our internal penetration test aims to discover exactly what an inside attacker could achieve with access to your network. For instance, this could be where your external defences have been breached by a hacker or misused by an employee gone rogue.

We’ll emulate the actions and objectives of malicious insiders in order to identify risk and protect your business from illicit activity such as data theft and operational disruption.

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Securing your network & people

Air Sec Cyber Security Technicians working in a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Wireless Testing

Wireless networks offer great flexibility for employees, but they can also allow cybercriminals to enter your systems without permission when they’re managed ineffectively.

We’ll assess your wireless infrastructure including corporate and guest Wi-Fi networks to detect any exploitable vulnerabilities such as unsecure encryption protocols, misconfigurations, weak access controls and more. This will enable you to maintain the integrity of your wireless infrastructure and protect your business from would-be attackers.

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Cyber Security enginner looking at a screen in a Security Operations Centre (SOC)

  • Web application

Web applications such as websites and web services are commonly targeted by cybercriminals due to the vast amount of sensitive data they process e.g. personal and financial information. Since many businesses lack the skill to develop and maintain their web-based assets in-house, this can leave them exposed to a wide range of weaknesses.

We’ll put your website and web applications to the test, incorporating APIs and any other custom or third-party integrations. Fully aligned with OWSAP’s top ten security risks, we’ll identify any vulnerabilities that could leave your business open to attack.

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A woman in an office with a phone and latptop

  • Social Engineering

Employees are your first line of defence and must be vigilant to protect themselves from social engineering attacks. This is where hackers attempt to trick users into revealing sensitive information or perform actions such as clicking dangerous links and opening malicious attachments.

We’ll put your team to the test with customisable phishing and vishing campaigns, to check their awareness and susceptibility to attack through fraudulent emails and phone calls.

We’ll closely monitor results and report back with our findings, identifying any improvements such as employee awareness training needs.

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Why choose us?

Experts in IT and cyber security

With full expertise in IT and security, we’ll safely exploit your security vulnerabilities and minimise disruption to operations.

Remediating threats and vulnerabilities

We’ll identify risk and help address weak points to strengthen and improve your security posture.

Qualified security experts

All our penetration testers are trained and accredited Offensive Security Certified Professionals (OSCP) and work in accordance with industry best practice.

A partner you can trust

We follow proven and ethical penetration testing standards and provide a full report of your vulnerabilities with recommended remedial actions.


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